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Application ID252/0548/18
Application DescriptionConstruction of a single storey dwelling and a two storey dwelling – staged application - Stage 1 - Single storey dwelling and Stage 2 - Two storey dwelling.
Property Address4 Shirley Avenue WOODVILLE WEST SA 5011
Closing Date27/03/2019

Application ID252/2559/18
Application DescriptionDemolition of existing shed and construction of new shed at the rear of the existing building
Property Address78A Woodville Road WOODVILLE SA 5011
Closing Date04/04/2019

Application ID252/2594/18
Application Description4 metre high freestanding sign and seven signs attached to existing Rowing Club (six signs are third party) (non-complying)
Property Address100 Military Road WEST LAKES SHORE SA 5020
Closing Date05/04/2019

Application ID252/0243/19
Application DescriptionShipping container located along the northern boundary of the site
Property Address48 Wodonga Street BEVERLEY SA 5009
Closing Date01/04/2019

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