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Application ID252/0517/18
Application DescriptionTwo storey group dwelling to the rear of the existing dwelling
Property Address52 Whimpress Avenue FINDON SA 5023
Closing Date25/01/2019

Application ID252/1926/18
Application DescriptionInternal two storey office addition to existing factory/warehouse and reconfiguration of existing carpark on lot 10
Property Address26 Circuit Drive HENDON SA 5014
Closing Date25/01/2019

Application ID252/2280/18
Application DescriptionNew amenities block and servery with two shade structures adjacent the existing playground
Property AddressReserve Brocas Avenue ST CLAIR SA 5011
Closing Date29/01/2019

Application ID252/2417/18
Application DescriptionTwo storey residential flat building comprising four dwellings and associated landscaping and driveway
Property Address6 Allerdice Court WEST LAKES SA 5021
Closing Date18/01/2019

Application ID252/2708/18
Application DescriptionReplacement retaining wall on southern boundary to 1.6 metres in height with 1.8 metre high Colorbond fence on top (total height 3.4 metres)
Property Address73 Wright Street HENLEY BEACH SA 5022
Closing Date23/01/2019

Application ID252/2715/18
Application DescriptionTwo storey residential flat building comprising of three dwellings with associated carparking and landscaping
Property Address4A Scotia Street CROYDON SA 5008
Closing Date25/01/2019

Application ID252/2756/18
Application DescriptionAdditions and alterations to existing warehouse including change in use from garage to training room, modifications to car parking area and additional storage area
Property Address163-165 William Street BEVERLEY SA 5009
Closing Date25/01/2019

Application ID252/2767/18
Application DescriptionThree metre high sign located adjacent East Terrace boundary
Property Address104 East Terrace HENLEY BEACH SA 5022
Closing Date29/01/2019

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