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Contact Person: Planning Officer or Building Officer (as below)
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Contact Telephone: (08) 8408 1111
Please note:
Decision Notifications may take up to five (5) business days to process after the date of the decision.
No site works or building work or changing the use of the land can commence on this development unless notification of Development Approval has been received.
The Minister's fees are calculated at 7% of the Building Rules Consent charges.

Application Details
Application Number252/2746/20
DescriptionTelecommunications tower measuring 31.3 metres in height (monopole) and associated equipment shelter
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
CategoryConsent Category 3 Notification
Sub CategoryClass 10b - Special Structures
Lodgement Date4/11/2020
Stage/DecisionDPC Consent Refused
Development Value/Estimated Cost$200,000.00

Additional Information
Date of Application26/10/2020
Date Received4/11/2020
Assessment timeframe8 week assessment timeframe
DA Decision Date4/06/2021
Date Received by Private Certifier 
Building Work Completion 
Building Work Commencement 
Planning OfficerLisa Stevens
Planning Decision ByCity of Charles Sturt
Building Officer 
Building Decision By 
DPC Decision Date4/06/2021
Building Rules Lodgement Date 
BRC Decision Date 

Name Details
AssociationNameService Address
ApplicantTelstra Corporation LimitedC/- SAQ Consulting Pty Ltd PO Box 50 CLAYFIELD QLD 4011

Address11 Wilson Court GRANGE SA 5022
Land DescriptionLot 10 FP 19 Vol 5700 Fol 538, Lot 12 FP 19 Vol 5529 Fol 689, Lot 13 FP 19 Vol 5682 Fol 660, Lot 14 FP 19 Vol 5699 Fol 689, Lot 15 FP 19 Vol 5529 Fol 594, Lot 61 FP 9031 Vol 5306 Fol 343, Lot 11 FP 19 Vol 5700 Fol 538

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DescriptionEvent DecisionProcessed Date
DPC DecisionRefused4/06/2021

Council Notes for Planning Private Certifiers
No information is available.

Reason for Refusal - Out of Time

### Reason for Refusal - Out of Time


 The application has been refused consent pursuant to Section 39(3)(b) of the Development Act, 1993 because the additional information requested by Council to supplement the application has not been submitted within the prescribed time.



Building Rules Consent Charges
No information is available.

DescriptionAttribute ClassAttribute Type
Bldg Class 10b Pools spas fence masts antennas#ABS 10b

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