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Contact Person: Planning Officer or Building Officer (as below)
Contact Email:
Contact Telephone: (08) 8408 1111
Please note:
Decision Notifications may take up to five (5) business days to process after the date of the decision.
No site works or building work or changing the use of the land can commence on this development unless notification of Development Approval has been received.
The Minister's fees are calculated at 7% of the Building Rules Consent charges.

Application Details
Application Number252/1587/18
DescriptionGarage to side of dwelling
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
CategoryComplying Development
Sub CategoryBuilding Rules Only (Schedule 1A), Class 10a - Garages Verandahs etc
Lodgement Date25/07/2018
Development Value/Estimated Cost$6,000.00

Additional Information
Date of Application23/07/2018
Date Received25/07/2018
Assessment timeframe4 week assessment timeframe
DA Decision Date25/07/2018
DPC Decision Date25/07/2018
Planning Decision ByCity of Charles Sturt
Planning Private Certifier 
Date Received by Private Certifier 
Planning OfficerDennis Farrow
Building Rules Lodgement Date25/07/2018
BRC Decision Date25/07/2018
Building Decision ByCity of Charles Sturt
Building OfficerDennis Farrow
Building Work Completion 
Building Work Commencement 

Name Details
AssociationNameService Address
ApplicantPeter Paraniuk266 Grand Junction Road ATHOL PARK SA 5012

Address266 Grand Junction Road ATHOL PARK SA 5012
Land DescriptionLot 104 FP 18870 Vol 5865 Fol 910

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DescriptionEvent DecisionProcessed Date
PLANNING ASSESSMENTNot Applicable25/07/2018

Council Notes for Planning Private Certifiers
No information is available.

This approval does not imply approval to alter infrastructure

^^^ The approval for this development DOES NOT imply approval to alter, shift or remove any existing public infrastructure, including street trees and/or landscaping or any other street furniture or features.  Approval to alter any of these must be obtained from Council or the relevant government department or service authority. All costs associated with such alteration are the sole responsibility of the applicant.



Fence Act - notice of removal of fence on common boundary

^^^ You are advised that under the Fences Act you are legally required to give notice for the removal of a fence on the common boundary.  Please refer to the Fences Act for the correct procedural requirements.



Development in Accordance with Plans

~~~ Develop in accordance with the approved plans


 That the proposal shall be developed in accordance with the details and approved plans stamped by Council except where varied by the conditions herein and shall be completed prior to occupation of the proposed development.


 Reason: To ensure the development proceeds in an orderly manner.





Construction to Comply with Manufacturers Specifications

~~~ Construction to Comply with Engineer's Specifications


 The structure approved herein shall be constructed strictly in accordance with the engineer's design and specifications.


 Reason: To ensure construction is within the limitations of design.



Disposal of Stormwater

~~~ Stormwater Disposal


 The construction of a drainage system and the position and manner of discharge of a stormwater drain must not:


 a. Result in the entry of water into a building; or

b. affect the stability of a building; or

c. create any unhealthy or dangerous condition on the site or within the building; or

d. must not flow or discharge onto land of an adjoining owner; and

e. must not flow across footpaths or public ways.


 Reason: To prevent the penetration of water that could cause loss of amenity and undue dampness or deterioration of building elements.



Building Rules Consent Charges
ChargeBuilding Class 10a
Charge Amount$69.50

ChargeSchedule 1a - Building Rules Only Fee
Charge Amount$53.00

DescriptionAttribute ClassAttribute Type
Bldg Class 10a Carport verandah shed or the like#ABS 10a

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