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Contact Person: Planning Officer or Building Officer (as below)
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Contact Telephone: (08) 8408 1111
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Decision Notifications may take up to five (5) business days to process after the date of the decision.
No site works or building work or changing the use of the land can commence on this development unless notification of Development Approval has been received.
The Minister's fees are calculated at 7% of the Building Rules Consent charges.

Application Details
Application Number252/1604/18
DescriptionConstruction of a swimming pool and safety barrier
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
CategoryComplying Development
Sub CategoryBuilding Rules Only (Schedule 1A), Class 10b - Pools & Spas
Lodgement Date27/07/2018
Development Value/Estimated Cost$36,500.00

Additional Information
Date of Application24/07/2018
Date Received27/07/2018
Assessment timeframe2 week assessment timeframe
DA Decision Date27/07/2018
DPC Decision Date27/07/2018
Planning Decision ByCity of Charles Sturt
Planning Private Certifier 
Date Received by Private Certifier 
Planning OfficerDennis Farrow
Building Rules Lodgement Date27/07/2018
BRC Decision Date24/07/2018
Building Decision ByJeffrey Shillabeer/Salisbury Development Services
Building Officer 
Building Work Completion 
Building Work Commencement5/10/2018

Name Details
AssociationNameService Address
ApplicantRiverina Pools And Spas641 North East Road GILLIES PLAINS SA 5008

Address15 Gemmell Street BEVERLEY SA 5009
Land DescriptionLot 22 DP 2652 Vol 5449 Fol 561

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DescriptionEvent DecisionProcessed Date
PLANNING ASSESSMENTNot Applicable27/07/2018
BUILDING RULES PROCESSPrivate Certified PBRC27/07/2018

Council Notes for Planning Private Certifiers
No information is available.

Mandatory Notification of Pool or Spa Construction/Completion

*** Mandatory Notification of Pool or Spa Construction/Completion


 At least one day's notice must be given to Council at the following stages of building work:


 a. Of the intended commencement for starting building work on the swimming pool or swimming pool barriers on the site;

b. prior to placing concrete for the construction of the swimming pool (concrete swimming pools only);

c. at the completion of construction of a swimming pool or spa (before it is filled with water);

d. at the completion of construction of a safety barrier for a swimming pool or spa;

e. in relation to some other form of building work where swimming pool or spa safety features (within the meaning of Section 71AA of the Act) are relevant - the completion of that aspect of those aspects of the building work relating to the swimming pool or spa safety features.


 Please note: A person who fails to give notification of any one of these stages is guilty of an offence and may be liable to pay an expiation fee of $210 or be liable to a maximum penalty of $2,500.


 Reason: To ensure adequate standards have been achieved in relation to structural integrity and for life safety of young children and to comply with Regulations 74 and 83B of the Development Regulations.



This approval does not imply approval to alter infrastructure

^^^ The approval for this development DOES NOT imply approval to alter, shift or remove any existing public infrastructure, including street trees and/or landscaping or any other street furniture or features.  Approval to alter any of these must be obtained from Council or the relevant government department or service authority. All costs associated with such alteration are the sole responsibility of the applicant.



Fence Act - notice of removal of fence on common boundary

^^^ You are advised that under the Fences Act you are legally required to give notice for the removal of a fence on the common boundary.  Please refer to the Fences Act for the correct procedural requirements.



PBRC - Privately Certified

^^^ The Building Rules Consent forming part of this Development Approval has been granted by a private certifier. As such Council does not accept any responsibility for the assessment of this application in accordance with the Building Rules. Any queries regarding the said Building Rules assessment must be directed to the private certifier.



PBRC - Privately Certified - Amendments

^^^ Any subsequent amendments proposed for the Building Rules Consent must be lodged with the relevant private certifier and where approved, forwarded to Council.  Where any such amendment is not consistent with the Development Plan Consent, an application to vary this Development Approval may be required.



Private Certifier - Specific Building Conditions

Private Certifiers Conditions (For Notes, please refer to the Private Certifiers Decision Notification)


 1.  A swimming pool/spa is not to be filled with water unless the swimming pool/spa is enclosed by a barrier.


 Note:   Breach of this requirement may result in a maximum penalty of $4000. 

 a)  The builder/owner is required to give Council one business days notice of the following stages of construction;

  The completion of construction of the swimming pool/spa prior to the swimming pool/spa being filled with water.

  At the completion of the safety fence or barrier around the swimming pool/spa;

  In relation to some other form of building work where swimming pool/spa safety features (within the meaning of section 71AA of the Development Act) are relevant - the completion of that aspect or those aspects of the building work relating to the swimming pool/spa safety features;

 b)  The construction of all relevant permanent safety fences and barriers shall be completed within 2 months of completion of the construction of the swimming pool/spa.

 Note:  A person who breaches one of the requirements is guilty of an offence. Maximum penalty: $2500. Expiationfee:$210.

 Reason: To ensure the safety of all persons in proximity of the pool/spa.


Building Rules Consent Charges
ChargeSchedule 1a - Building Rules Only Fee
Charge Amount$53.00

DescriptionAttribute ClassAttribute Type
Indemnity Insurance AttributeIndemnity Domestic

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