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Contact Telephone: (08) 8408 1111
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Decision Notifications may take up to five (5) business days to process after the date of the decision.
No site works or building work or changing the use of the land can commence on this development unless notification of Development Approval has been received.
The Minister's fees are calculated at 7% of the Building Rules Consent charges.

Application Details
Application Number252/2561/18
DescriptionLand Division – 252/D307/18 – Creating two allotments from one; Two, two storey dwellings – Staged application (Stage 1 – Land division and Stage 2 – Two, two storey dwellings)
GroupDevelopment Act Applications
CategoryLand Division
Sub CategoryTorrens Title
Lodgement Date15/11/2018
Development Value/Estimated Cost$520,000.00

Address3 Morris Street KIDMAN PARK SA 5025
Land DescriptionLot 96 DP 4852 Vol 5668 Fol 841

Name Details
AssociationNameService Address
ApplicantDrita LucajC/- Cavallo Forest & Associates 9 George Street HINDMARSH SA 5007

Additional Information
Date of Application30/10/2018
Date Received15/11/2018
Assessment timeframe12 week assessment timeframe
DA Decision Date29/01/2019
DPC Decision Date24/01/2019
Planning Decision ByCity of Charles Sturt
Planning Private Certifier 
Date Received by Private Certifier 
Planning OfficerAmy Roberts
LDC Decision Date24/01/2019
Building Rules Lodgement Date 
BRC Decision Date29/01/2019
Building Decision ByNot Required
Building Officer 
Building Work Completion 
Building Work Commencement 

DescriptionEvent DecisionProcessed Date
DPC DecisionApproved24/01/2019
SCAP CONCURRENCE REQUIRED?Not Applicable24/01/2019
Land Division Decision IssuedApproved24/01/2019
BUILDING RULES PROCESSNot Required29/01/2019

Council Notes for Planning Private Certifiers
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1.5 Meter high sill height### 1.5 Metre High Sill Height That the side and rear upper storey windows shall have a minimum 1.5 metre high sill height above the finished floor level or have translucent glass/film to a minimum height of 1.5 metres. The translucent glass/film windows shall be fixed or be provided with awning sashes that do not exceed an open distance of 125mm. Reason: To minimise the impact on adjoining residents. Note: With respect to this condition other forms of screening can be used as long as it can be demonstrated to Council that such screening will prevent overlooking. However, should you wish to use an alternative screening method you are required to lodge an application to vary the above condition.
Develop in accordance with the approved plans### Develop in Accordance with the Approved Plans That the proposal shall be developed in accordance with the details and approved plans stamped by Council except where varied by the conditions herein and shall be completed prior to occupation of the proposed development and at all times thereafter needs to be maintained to Council’s satisfaction. Reason: To ensure the development proceeds in an orderly manner.
Stormwater not to affect a building### Stormwater Condition All stormwater from buildings and paved areas shall be disposed of in such a manner that it does not result in the entry of water into a building or affect the stability of a building. Reason: To ensure the development proceeds in an orderly manner.
Stormwater to be directed away from neighbouring properties### Stormwater be Directed Away from Neighbouring Properties All stormwater runoff shall be directed away from neighbouring properties. Reason: To ensure stormwater is disposed of in a controlled manner.
seek Building Rules Consent^^^ Before proceeding with this proposal, you are required to seek Building Rules Consent pursuant to the provisions of the Development Act, 1993.
Please Advise When Conditions Met^^^ Please advise Council in writing when all conditions of consent have been met so Council can inspect the site and advise the State Planning Commission that the Certificate of Approval may be issued.
Removal of structures### Removal of structures That all existing structures on the site be removed from Lot 96 prior to the issue of the Certificate of Approval. Reason: To ensure the development proceeds in an orderly manner.
Conditions required by the State Commission Assessment Panel+++ Conditions required by the State Commission Assessment Panel: 1. The financial requirements of SA Water shall be met for the provision of water supply and sewerage services. On receipt of the developer details and site specifications an investigation will be carried out to determine if the connections to your development will be standard or non standard fees. On approval of the application, it is the developers/owners responsibility to ensure all internal pipework (water and wastewater) that crosses the allotment boundaries has been severed or redirected at the developers/owners cost to ensure that the pipework relating to each allotment is contained within its boundaries. 2. Payment of $7253 into the Planning and Development Fund (1 allotment(s) @ $7253/allotment). Payment may be made by credit card via the internet at or by phone (7109 7018), by cheque payable to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and marked "Not Negotiable" and sent to GPO Box 1815, Adelaide 5001 or in person, at Level 5, 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide. 3. A final plan complying with the requirements for plans as set out in the Manual of Survey Practice Volume 1 (Plan Presentation and Guidelines) issued by the Registrar General to be lodged with the State Commission Assessment Panel for Land Division Certificate purposes.
Street Tree Removal -You are required to pay a fee for the removal of the street tree affected by the proposed driveway^^^ You are required to compensate Council for the amenity value of street trees which require removal as a result of being affected by proposed driveways. This fee is required to be paid prior to the driveways construction. The fee includes tree and stump removal which will be undertaken by Council's Arboricultural staff. The compensation fee payable for this development is $710 (GST inc). Please contact Mr Chris Taras on telephone 8408 1539 regarding this matter.

Building Rules Consent Charges
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DescriptionAttribute ClassAttribute Type
Bldg Class 10a Carport verandah shed or the like#ABS 10a
Bldg Class 1a single dwelling semi detached row#ABS 1a

Building Indemnity Insurance
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