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Application NumberLodgement DateDescriptionProperty AddressCategoryStage/DecisionApplicant Names
252/0803/2117/03/2021Four light poles to replace four existing stobie poles encroaching within the laneway in association with the Grange Bowling Club (retrospective)11 Wilson Court GRANGE SA 5022Consent Category 3 NotificationRefusedPeter Symons
252/0009/214/01/2021Removal of significant tree – Eucalyptus camaldulensis – River Red Gum106 Woodville Road WOODVILLE SA 5011Consent Category 1 No NoticeRefusedThi Thu Hang Bui, Dinh Q Le
252/3119/2014/12/2020Land Division – 252/D394/20 – Creating two allotments from one and construction of carport in association with the existing dwelling253 South Road RENOWN PARK SA 5008Land DivisionApproved State Surveys
252/2130/2014/09/2020Variation to Development Application 252/1936/19 - Change of use from children’s play centre to child care centre and dance studio –– To create a temporary ancillary outdoor play area within the carpark and storage shed in the carparking area86-96 Trimmer Parade SEATON SA 5023Consent Category 1 No NoticeCancelled Kura Yerlo Inc

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